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COBCast - The Church of the Brethren Podcast

Aug 11, 2017

In the final episode of the Capstone series, we talk to Eric, a young adult from the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. He did something pretty radical—he decided to transplant his life for a bit, work at Capstone Community Gardens, and learn about beekeeping.

Produced by Monica McFadden. Music by Miller Kines

Jul 26, 2017

Land rights struggles, forging relationships in a tense racial climate, and a whole array of volunteers—this is the second part of Nathan Hosler’s interview with David Young of Capstone Community Gardens, and these are some of the elements that make up the day-to-day life at Capstone. Find out how in the latest...

Jul 13, 2017

How does someone go from being the Chief of Police in North Manchester, IN, to starting a garden project in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward? Find out in the first of a three-part series from the Office of Public Witness on Capstone Community Gardens. In this episode, Nathan Hosler interviews David Young, the founder...